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  Educators Section

The Ollie Saves the Planet Educators' section is designed for parents, teachers, librarians and community leaders. It will assist you to:

  • Understand the Ollie Saves the Planet Program
  • Keep up to date with latest developments in schools and communities around America.

A range of information is included:

New Release of Ollie Educator Resources

New Release of Ollie Educator Resources
The producers of the Ollie programs have released new resources for teachers and community leaders.




  • Program implementation news.
  • School and community case studies.
  • Testimonials from teachers using the Ollie programs

Professional Development

  • Program delivery details
  • Calendar of events

Program Overview

  • Thoughts about environmental education.
  • The criteria used to develop the Program.
  • Units of Work.

Your Feedback

  • Feedback form.
  • Baseline data activity invitation.


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