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What do we use Plastic for?Plastic

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials today.  It is used in clothes, packaging, toys, furniture even parts of spaceships are made from plastic!

Plastic is light and strong, and doesn't break easily. This makes it the perfect material for bottles. Plastic bottles are used to package liquids - juice, milk, shampoo, cooking oil, fizzy drinks and many, many more.

All plastic bottles, except for the brown ones used to contain beer, are recyclable.

Types of recyclable bottles

There are three types of recyclable plastic bottles. They are all recycled separately:

PET Bottles PET Bottles

PET symbolPET bottles have this symbol on the side or on the bottom:

HDPE BottlesHDPE Bottles

HDPE symbolHDPE bottles have this symbol:

PVC BottlesPVC Bottle

PVC symbolPVC bottles have this symbol:

Recycled plastic bottles can be made into all sorts of new things, including fleece clothing, garden furniture, kerbside collection boxes, drain pipes, compost bins, and of course, new bottles!

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