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Recycle Glass

Recycling Glass at Home
You can recycle glass by using the kerbside recycling scheme, or a bottle bank.

Kerbside Recycling Scheme
If your area has a kerbside recycling scheme, you can put all your empty bottles and jars out with your other recyclable rubbish in the special box provided. 

Bottle Banks
Every local authority also has glass bottle banks in public places like supermarkets, car parks, civic car parks and amenity sites.  You can take recyclable jars and bottles to your nearest bank.

Tips for glass recycling

  • Before putting glass into bottle banks, empty and rinse the containers and remove any bottle caps, lids or corks.
  • Always separate clear, brown and green glass into the correct bottle banks. Place blue bottles in the green bottle bank.
  • Important!! Certain materials, if mixed up with glass bottles and jars, can cause a whole batch of cullet to be rejected.  Never put pottery, crockery, or heat resistant glass (such as Pyrex or Visionware) in a bottle bank - or your kerbside recycling box.

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